Temat: feet inserted into the soil

Master, this is definitely the top players.Many years later, someone asked Li Yunfei, what is the most disgusting.Yunfei serious answer, eating an apple to [url=http://www.braceletscanada.ca/][b]pandora canada[/b][/url] half, and found half a worm, the most disgusting.It was also asked Li Yunfei, what is most painful.Yunfei more serious answer, find a top expert, and that top players out of a knife on you say, "I want to learn.", The most painful.The face of this middle.

aged seriousness the [url=http://www.pandoraaustraliancharms.com/][b]pandora charms australia[/b][/url] of the Yunfei not smile, obviously, and he is not a level, how to learn ah.Seem to understand the idea of.Li Yunfei, that middle.aged man said. "You do not have to worry about, I stand here and not move, and I am only a knife if you can forced me out of here, even if I lose, I will give a small gift. "Afraid to Yunfei not be taken seriously as if, he added, "This knife will give full shot, you do not seriously point, be careful really will die.

"Yunfei is preparing to reject this strange contest, that middle.aged man did not treat him to say. [url=http://www.pandoracanadacharms.ca/][b]pandora canada[/b][/url] knife and shout. "look at the knife."Spewing out of the violent momentum, as if the great desert sandstorms, dry, violent, scraping in the face like sand stone as pain.Time to prepare Yunfei abruptly push back open, feet inserted into the soil, two, three meters long scratches left on the ground.